Practio Healthcare

2017-2018, ux/ui design

In collaboration with
Rest of the Practio team

Practio is a company that designs digital healthcare solutions with a focus on creating better and easier access to healthcare services while contributing to making the national healthcare sector more efficient.

During my time as a digital designer at Practio I’ve been part of a team of developers, designers, doctors, etc, that worked on an ambitious project to improve women’s experiences and safety around birth control pills



The main job of the app is to remind the user to take her birth control pills and let her know if she is protected or not. The app provides an overview of the last week’s pill intake and a timestamp for the next pill-free period.


Practio also offers a subscription service to deliver pills by mail. This section is dedicated to app users who also have the subscription service. From there they can monitor the next shipment, and access the same features as the web app offers.



The calendar makes it easy for the user to
get an overview of when they are going
to have their period. But it also works as
a management tool. The calendar can be connected to other calendars, and it’s also possible to skip or add a pause and get guidance on how to take the pills accordingly.


The app holds an education section, with small articles and videos to guide the user on different subjects regarding their period, pregnancy, their body, etc.


The subscription service

The subscription service is built up around an online platform that bridges the user, the pharmacy, and Practio together. While this platform works as the homepage for Practio, this is also where the onboarding, overview, and management of the service is maintained.

The sign-up includes an online consultation facilitated by one of Practio’s Doctors. From here the doctor is able to renew subscriptions online, and the pills are sent to the users' address from the pharmacy.


My tasks around the subscription service have included designing the responsive platform of Practio from wireframes to final iterations, designing parts of the onboarding flow, conducting user tests and interviews, designing for virtual as well as physical touchpoints in the service, developing a sustainable design system, and design marketing content.

The following screens show some of the final pages that I designed for the Practio platform, including an article library, presentation of the app, the front page.